Kiana Kaleiçi

We are inspired by the 4 elements that balance the nature…

We are inspired by the 4 elements that balance the nature…
Kiana Kaleiçi is a hotel which has 4 kind of rooms, specifically decorated and named consistent with the 4 main elements of nature!
The historical building of Kiana Kaleiçi, delighted backyard and the cosy entrance hall which is covered with the antique furniture, are the most popular areas of the hotel for reading books, drinking coffee or enjoying a glass of wine with the traditional cheese plate. 
As the Kiana Family, we stay in balance with the four elements which inspire us every day and invite you to join us!

Fire, Air, Water, Earth “Choose your Element!”
Kiana Kaleiçi is a restored mansion which is located between the Hadrian’s Gate and Hıdırlık Tower at the oldest residential area of Antalya / Old Town. We prove accommodation services for visitors at the perfect location with the chance of parking lot. In Kiana Kaleiçi you can have time at the cosy backyard and enjoy the atmosphere of old town. In addition, our 100 % home-made breakfast flavours worth to try!


COVID Precaution

Kiana Kaleiçi assures you that it is going to be the most hygienic accommodation experience during your holiday in Antalya. We hope you will feel our effort on the sanitary factors in every way for your and our health.